1 Egg Roll (8 Pcs) vegetable egg rolls, served with sweet & sour sauce. 4.95
2 Fried Tofu deep fried bean curd served with sweetened peanut sauce. 4.95
3 Popular Egg deep fried boiled egg with sweet tamarind sauce. 4.95
4 Thai Dumplings Steamed or Deep Fried (8 Pcs) ground chicken, shrimp and vegetable served with black vinegar dipping. 6.95
5 Meekrob sweet crispy noodles with shrimp and chicken 6.95
6 Crispy Calamari deep fried calamari served with sweet & sour cream. 6.95
7 Satay Chicken, Pork, or Tofu (6 Sticks) six skewers charbroiled served with peanut sauce and cucumber sauce. 6.95
8 Spicy Chicken Wings chicken wings cooked with garlic and spicy Thai sauce. 6.95
9 Chicken Rolls grilled chicken breast stuffed with vegetables. 6.95
10 Thai Beef Jerky tender slices of marinated beef and deep fried served with Sriracha hot sauce. 6.95
11 Crab Cake deep fried reel crabmeat served with plum sauce. 6.95
11A Fresh Egg Rolls (4 Pcs) 5.95
11B Coconut Shrimp (10 Pcs) 7.95
11C Steamed Shrimp Sui Mai (7 Pcs) 7.95
11D Crispy Shrimp Wonton (12 Pcs) 7.95
12 Wonton Soup wonton stuffed with chicken, shrimp and vegetable.
4.95 6.95
13 Tom Kha Kai chicken and mushroom in hot & sour coconut soup flavored with lemon grass and galanga root. 4.95 6.95
14 Tom Yum Kai chicken and mushroom in hot & sour soup flavored with lemon grass and galanga root. 4.95 6.95
15 Tom Yum Koong shrimp and mushroom in hot & sour soup flavored with lemon grass and galanga root. 5.95 7.95
16 Tofu mixed Vegetable Soup bean curd with vegetables. 4.95 6.95
17 Noodles Soup rice noodles with chicken, shrimp, and bean sprout.
N/A 6.95
18 Spicy Seafood Soup hot & sour seafood soup with shrimp, squid, crab claws, scallop, mussel and fish. N/A 12.95
19 Kang Som Koong original thai & sour soup with shrimp and vegetables.
N/A 8.95
20 Thai Salad ixed green vegetables, boiled egg with peanut sauce. 5.25
21 Spicy Duck Salad
B.B.Q. duck with red onion, lemon grass, mint leaves & lime juice 7.95
22 Larb Kai spicy ground chicken with chili, rice powder and lime juice. 6.95
22A Spicy Calamari Salad grilled calamari with onion, tomato, and lime juice. 6.95
23 Spicy Beef Salad grilled beef with onion, tomato, and lime juice. 7.95
24 Spicy Shrimp Salad grilled shrimp with roasted chili and lime juice. 7.95
25 Nam Sod minced pork with ginger, peanut and lime juice 6.95
26 Yum Woon Sen Silver noodles with chicken, shrimp, and lime juice. 6.95
27 Papaya Salad green papaya w/ ground peanut, tomato & green chilli mixed in spicy juice 6.95

(Choice of chicken, beef, pork, tofu, or vegetable) shrimp add $1.00

Served with Steamed Rice.

28 Yellow Curry indian curry thai-style with coconut milk, potato, carrot and onion. 7.95
29 Panang
roasted curry with coconut milk, pea and carrot. 7.95
30 Green Curry sweet basil leaves, bamboo shoot, and eggplant in curry sauce. 7.95
31 Roast Duck Curry red curry with pineapple, bell pepper and tomato. 8.95
32 Choo Chee roasted curry with coconut milk in thick sauce. 7.95
33 Red Curry in coconut milk, bamboo shoot and basil leaves. 7.95
33A Pumpkin Curry 7.95
34 Thai Fried Rice jasmine rice sauteed with egg, onion, tomato, and black soy sauce (chicken, pork or beef) 7.25
35 Spicy Fried Rice
jasmine rice sauteed with garlic, chili, and mint leaves (chicken, pork, or beef) 7.25
36 Pineapple Fried Rice fried rice with chicken, shrimp, raisin, cashew nut, pineapple and curry powder 7.95
37 BBQ Duck Fried Rice fried rice with roasted duck, egg, tomato and onion 8.95
38 Seafood Fried Rice fried rice with egg, scallop, calamari, and crab. 9.95
39 Shrimp Fried Rice fried rice with egg, tomato, green onion and black soy sauce. 8.95
40 Chili Paste Fried Rice special fried rice with chicken, shrimp, and boiled egg. 7.25
41 Pad Thai rice noodles with beans sprouts, chicken & shrimp in tamarind sauce. 7.25
42 Chow Mein egg noodles stir-fried with vegetables, chicken and shrimp. 7.25
43 Chicken Noodles flat noodles sauteed with garlic, chicken and bean sprouts over crisp lettuce. 7.25
44 Spicy Mint Noodles flat noodles with garlic and chili sauce. 7.25
45 Pad Z-Ew flat noodles with broccoli, egg and thick soy sauce. 7.25
46 Rad Na pan-fried flat noodles with two kinds of broccoli in gravy sauce. 7.25
47 Pad Woon-sen sauteed glass noodles with egg and vegetables. 7.25
48 Spicy Seafood Noodles flat noodles pan-fried with shrimp scallop, squid, and crab in spicy sauce. 9.95
Served with Steamed Rice.

49 BBQ Chicken half of marinated chicken with Thai herb 7.95
50 BBQ Honey Rib pork spareribs served with Sriracha hot sauce. 7.95
51 Nuah Young (BBQ Beef) marinated beef served with spicy Thai sauce. 7.95
52 Teriyaki Shrimp grilled shrimp served with steam vegetables and teriyaki sauce. 8.95

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Served with Steamed Rice.

53 Sweet & Sour Tofu bean curd in sweet & sour sauce with tomato, pineapple, onion and cucumber 7.25
54 Vegetables Curry
variety of vegetables cooked in red curry 7.25
55 Vegetable Pad Thai pan-fried flat noodles with egg, tofu and tamarine sauce 7.25
56 Vegetables Fried Rice mixed vegetables with egg and tofu in black soy sauce. 7.25
57 Spicy Basil Eggplant stir-fried with garlic mint leaves and chili sauce. 7.25
58 mixed Vegetables stir-fried mixed vegetables in soy sauce. 7.25
59 Chinese Broccoli stir-fried Chinese broccoli with garlic and oyster sauce. 7.25
60 Tofu Deluxe deep fried tofu cooked with mushroom in gravy sauce. 7.25
60A Pa-Rarm spinach topped with peanut sauce. 7.25
60B Spicy Spinach with chopped garlic and chili sauce. 7.25

Served with Steamed Rice.

61 Spicy Mint leaves stir-fried bell pepper, garlic, chili and mint leaves 7.95
62 Cashew Nut
stir-fried cashew nut, onion, and dried chili 7.95
63 Pepper Garlic stir-fried fresh garlic and cilantro served with cabbage 7.95
64 Ginger and Mushroom stir-fried fresh ginger and black mushroom 7.95
65 Broccoli Oyster Sauce regular broccoli in garlic and gravy sauce 7.95
66 Asparagus sauteed with black mushroom and garlic sauce. 7.95
67 Green Bean sauteed green bean in roasted chili sauce. 7.95
67A Sweet & Sour Chicken 7.95
67B Orange Chicken 7.95

(Choice of Chicken, Beef, Pork, Tofu, or Vegetable) Shrimp Add $1.00
Served with Steamed Rice.

68 Spicy Mint Leaves Combination pan-fried shrimp, scallop, fish, squid, mussel, crab in chili and garlic sauce. 12.95
69 Shrimp and Scallop In Curry Sauce
fresh shrimp, scallop, egg and onion with curry powder. 10.95
70 Calamari Chili Paste stir-fried calamari with chili paste, bell pepper, and onion. 8.95
71 Choo Chee Salmon salmon with thick coconut milk in red curry sauce. 10.95
72 Red Snapper In Red Curry roasted chili with bamboo shoot in curry paste 10.95
73 Teriyaki Salmon grilled salmon with teriyaki sauce. 10.95
74 Shrimp and Crab In Hot Pot steam silver noodles, ginger, tofu & green onion.

Jasmine Rice 1.25
Brown Rice
Sticky Rice 1.50
Peanut sauce 1.00
Sweet & Sour Sauce 1.00

Coconut Ice Cream 2.95
Thai Ice Tea Ice Cream 2.95
Tempura Ice Cream 3.25
Fried Banana 4.95
Mango With Sticky Rice 5.95

Cokle, Diet Coke, 7-UP 1.25
Thai Ice Tea, Thai Ice Coffee 1.50
Jasmine Tea, Green Tea 1.00
Snapple 1.50
Apple Juice 1.25
Perrier 1.75
Tapioca Thai Ice Tea (BOBA) 2.50
Tapioca Thaiu Ice Coffee (BOBA) 2.50